About project

Project PRO REGIO is dealing with processing a comprehensive strategy of joint development of Mikulov and Galanta regions. This is called Program of Economic and Social Development of border regions, which maps the two border regions in terms of geography, demography, sociography, economics and cross-border cooperation. It provides possible areas of co-development and action and financial plan. Thanks to the common strategy we will support not only solving of problems of two regions, but also we will complex solve the current situation in the border regions. Cross-border cooperation effect, thanks to processed strategy, is an important indicator of the quality of the proposed solutions in the two regions. By planning strategic joint development will greatly increase not only the efficiency of the implemented activities in financial way, but also the overall impact on individual citizens of both bordering regions. Activities such as joint training, exchange of experience, visiting and organizing cultural and sports events, workshops and professional conferences conducted on both territories will form the basis for future cooperation (thanks to the project realization). This also helps use of a communication platform for government (www.pro-regio.cz) on which you are actually on. Here are represented all municipalities of the two border regions. Published are here current events; there is room for exchange of experience and direct communication zone for self-government representatives. The project on both sides of the border also created a common region and its marketing was treated on a uniform image and promotion, which are necessary to build identity. All these activities are fully linked. Comprehensive strategy is followed by other areas of cooperation - marketing, communication, promotion. Together they help to overcome borders and create a common region where governments from both sides of the border closely cooperate and exchange experiences.